From 7th October till 10th October 2020, the charms of Mediterranean, 3 cities, 3 countries in 4 days! Wake up with a different scenery everyday, dance, discover, share together ! 

Wednesday 7th October- Departure 5pm

Arrival on the boat 2pm onward.

Marseille, port departure

Make the most of your morning and discover the Phocaea city, the sunniest town in France. Take a seat at one of the cafes at the Marseille port and make the most of the gentle living by sipping the local aniseed-flavored drink. Among other things, Marseille is known for its creeks, where it is a pleasure to take a dip, its museums, history and culture, not to mention its cosmopolitan cuisine restaurants. Don’t forget to take a stroll at the “Cours Julien” street, you’ll find little stores and great opportunities to shop. 

Thursday 8th October (8:30am till 5 pm)


A stopover at this beautiful port of the Italian Riviera. The Priamar fort salutes the departure and arrival of each ship of the Costa fleet, in the Mediterranean sea. The gentle weather and exceptional quality of its water make Savone into a leading seaside resort. The Savone port stands out with its Priamar fort, which overlooks the city from the 16th century, but also its historic center. 

Don’t miss out on: The Priamar fort, Asuncion cathedral and Rue Paleocapa.

Friday 9th October (1pm to 7pm)


On the Ramblas, get a taste of the local cuisine, with several kinds of tapas. Throughout the historic town, you’ll discover buildings with memorable architecture. Also discover the port district of Barcelona. Completely refurbished for the Olympic games in 1992, today this quarter is showered with bars, discos and gourmet restaurants. Don’t miss out on:  La Barceloneta quarter for beach and tapas, Gaudi’s masterworks, a panoramic tour of Barcelona.

Saturday 10th April- Arrival at 8 am


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